CNC Bottle Plotter and Pragmatic Drag-and-Drop Toolchain

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Apr 24th, 2024


  • Bottle Plotter

    The author explores the development process of a CNC bottle plotter for labeling wine bottles directly. Starting with conceptualization during a long drive, they detail the iterative process of mechanical design, electronics selection (Arduino CNC shield and GRBL), and software workflow (SVG to G-Code conversion). Despite challenges like motor placement and part iteration, they achieved a functional prototype using mostly standard components. Plans for future iterations include refining electronics, optimizing design for cost, and open-sourcing the project. The author seeks collaboration for open-sourcing. Total cost estimation: around $150 excluding printed parts.

Github repositories

  • atlassian/pragmatic-drag-and-drop

    Pragmatic Drag and Drop offers a versatile, framework-agnostic toolchain for implementing drag and drop functionality across web applications. With a tiny core package and optional add-ons, it allows for customized experiences while supporting accessibility features. While initially a one-way mirror from an internal monorepo, it offers public documentation and npm packages. Developers can integrate it with their own design systems and tech stacks. Published under the @atlaskit namespace on npm, it's backed by contributions from various Atlassian team members and acknowledges the broader drag and drop development community.