CircleCI Boilerplate for Cordova Apps

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 29th, 2016

Github repositories

  • bamlab/CircleCI-Scripts

    CircleCI-Scripts is a boilerplate repository that provides a template for building Cordova applications for iOS and Android and releasing them using HockeyApp through Circle CI. The repository includes scripts and configurations for the build process. It also offers useful links to resources such as Android App, iOS App, Circle CI, and talk slides. The README provides a brief introduction and mentions that more details will be added soon. The repository has received 10 stars, has 27 watchers, and has been forked 3 times. It is primarily written in Shell scripting language.

  • draft-js-plugins/draft-js-plugins

    DraftJS Plugins is a collection of high-quality plugins that enhance the user experience of DraftJS, a rich text editor framework. The plugins offer various features such as anchor links, alignment, drag and drop, emojis, image embedding, and more. Users can also build their own plugins. The plugins are built by the community and include Autolist, Block Breakout, Markdown Shortcuts, Single Line, RichButtons, Katex, Mathjax, Buttons, Color Picker, Embed, EmojiPicker, GifPicker, Link, Modal, Sidebar, Toolbar, Divider, and Code Editor. The website provides live examples, documentation, and instructions for usage. It also offers resources on how to create plugins and provides support through GitHub and the DraftJS Slack organization. The project is licensed under MIT.