ChatGPT's Surprising Uses, Sapling by Meta Review and more

Summary of my bookmarked links from Jan 11th, 2023


  • 20 Entertaining Uses of ChatGPT You Never Knew Were Possible

    The article explores the diverse applications of ChatGPT, highlighting its potential uses in various fields. It mentions several non-obvious uses, including generating Twitter threads, writing novels, creating guest speaker Q&A prompts, designing games, providing dating advice, offering therapeutic support, aiding in naming ideas, facilitating translation, developing fitness plans, assisting with lesson planning, finding podcast guests, managing social media comments, aiding in crime-solving, reducing bias in writing, assisting in furniture design, creating serialized novels, preparing for interviews, suggesting gift ideas, explaining complex concepts, editing for AP style, and more. The possibilities for utilizing ChatGPT seem limitless and promising.

  • Sapling by Meta: A Review of the New Version Control System

    Sapling is a new version control system developed by Meta that aims to improve usability and scalability. It offers a command-line tool called Sapling CLI for cloning repositories, committing changes, and pushing them to the server. Sapling can be used with existing Git repositories and integrates with GitHub. Installation guides are provided for macOS, Windows, and various Linux distributions. Once installed, users can configure their identity and start using Sapling. The system allows for basic workflows such as cloning repositories, viewing commit history, making changes, and creating pull requests. It also has a GUI, but its usefulness is subjective. Sapling shares similarities with Git but has notable differences, such as the absence of local branches and the ability to perform partial downloads.

  • Here are 5 reasons why you should use Monika

    Monika is an open-source synthetic monitoring command-line application designed to monitor websites and databases for various conditions. It offers a wide range of notification channels, allowing alerts to be sent through platforms such as Discord, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, and more. In addition to web applications, Monika can monitor databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, and Redis. It also provides notifications for expiring TLS certificates, ensuring your website remains accessible. Monika allows data to be exported and visualized using tools like Prometheus and Grafana.

  • Hidden Tips & Tricks to Cut Costs for Hobby Projects

    This article provides tips and tricks for keeping costs low while building hobby projects without compromising on features. It suggests utilizing GitHub Actions for Cron Jobs, taking advantage of the free plan to run scheduled tasks. For email sending, the article recommends AWS SES, which offers 200,000 emails for the price of 1,000 with SendGrid. In terms of hosting, Railway is suggested for backends with its free plan and easy database solutions, while Vercel is recommended for frontends, especially when using Next.js for serverless API functions.