Build Console Application with a GUI in Node.js

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 25th, 2023

Github repositories

  • Elius94/console-gui-tools

    The "console-gui-tools" library is a Node.js library for creating console applications with features like a wizard or old-style colored screens. It allows developers to create a divided screen where one part displays various information (such as variable values), and the other part displays logs. The library is controlled via keypress events, where each key corresponds to a bindable command. Key features and requirements: - Requires Node.js version 14.17 or higher. - Works well on various operating systems with terminals that support styling and colors, including Linux (Ubuntu LTS, Arch), Windows 10, and Windows 11 (with Windows Terminal or WSL). - Supports mouse input on Linux terminals. - Provides options for customizing the console application, including setting the title, log display location, enabling mouse support, and more. - Allows the override of console.log and other console functions to display logs on the screen. - Supports different layout options, including boxed layout and multiple pages. - Offers control widgets, including buttons and boxes, for creating interactive elements within the console application. Overall, "console-gui-tools" is a versatile library for creating text-based console applications with rich styling and interactivity. It is suitable for creating various types of command-line tools and utilities.

  • cronvel/terminal-kit

    Terminal Kit is a powerful Node.js library for creating terminal applications without the need for ncurses. It offers a wide range of features, including 256 colors, styles, mouse and keyboard handling, input fields, progress bars, and much more. With Terminal Kit, you can build anything from simple command-line tools to complex terminal applications. The library supports various text and screen buffers, image loading, and even direct image display in the terminal. It introduces new features like a document model for GUI, spinners, table formatting, and Promises for callback handling. Terminal Kit is licensed under MIT and is a versatile tool for Node.js developers. For documentation, visit