BrowserBoxPro and Plausible Feeder Traefik Plugin

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jun 25th, 2023

Github repositories

  • dosyago/BrowserBoxPro

    BrowserBoxPro is a powerful remote browser isolation (RBI) multiplayer application that offers advanced streaming capabilities and a feature-rich browsing experience. It provides step-by-step instructions for installation, system requirements, and troubleshooting tips. Key features include advanced streaming, enhanced features, superior performance, and flexible usage. The guide also highlights the latest news, key features, installation process, and various applications and features of BrowserBoxPro. It serves as a comprehensive resource for users interested in leveraging professional remote browser isolation features.

  • safing/plausiblefeeder

    The Plausible Feeder Traefik Plugin is a plugin for the Traefik proxy server that sends HTTP requests to Plausible as pageview events. It allows you to configure various options such as the URL of the Plausible events API endpoint, the domains to be reported, alternative file extensions to be reported, reporting all resources, reporting any host, reporting errors, obtaining remote IP from headers, setting the queue size, and enabling debug logging. This plugin enhances the integration between Traefik and Plausible, providing an efficient way to track and analyze website traffic.