Boost Your Productivity with an Automated Note Taking System

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Mar 10th, 2023


  • I (mostly) automated my note taking system and I’ve never been more productive

    Readwise offers various paths for integrating different text-based learning sources. With Kindle, Medium, Pocket, and Twitter, sending information to Readwise is as simple as highlighting or bookmarking and clicking a button. For Apple Books, Readwise provides a tool app to send highlights. However, podcast integration requires alternative methods. The author initially switched to Airr, which allows highlighting from transcripts, but found it unreliable and preferred taking personal notes. They later switched to Snipd, a less buggy option. In the absence of integrated options, the author uses extra tools like the Command browser for web highlighting and Glasp for YouTube note-taking. These tools facilitate sending content to Readwise, albeit with some complexities.

  • The funniest comparisons between programmers and normal people you’ll ever see!

    This blog post explores funny comparisons between programmers and normal people, shedding light on the reasons why non-programmers might view programmers as being from another planet. With humorous pictures accompanying each point, the post touches on topics like relationships, coding struggles, debugging, and the different interpretations of terms by programmers and non-programmers. It provides an entertaining glimpse into the world of programming while highlighting the common struggles and unique perspectives of programmers. For more content, the blog recommends visiting and signing up for their newsletter, as well as checking out Circuit for scaling software startups.

Github repositories

  • rayepps/radash

    Radash is a modern, powerful, and typed functional utility library. It offers a range of useful functions for manipulating data. With Radash, you can easily find the maximum value, calculate the sum, sort, and filter arrays based on specific criteria. It also provides functions for object manipulation and error handling. Radash is licensed under MIT and encourages contributions from the community. Check out the full documentation for more details on how to use it.