Boost Your App's Performance by 80% with a Proven Optimization Techniques

Summary of my bookmarked links from Nov 15th, 2022


  • How we made our app 80% faster

    Birdie, a company that creates mobile apps for care workers, shares their experience in improving the performance of their React Native app. They emphasize the importance of meeting user expectations for fast and reliable performance, as it affects user satisfaction and brand reputation. Birdie implemented Datadog's RUM toolkit to monitor performance and made various changes to enhance app speed, including optimizing navigation, using React.useMemo and memoized Redux selectors, and exploring data reduction techniques. However, they discovered that the primary bottleneck was related to permissions checks. By optimizing permissions handling, they achieved significant improvements in loading times and overall responsiveness. The experience taught them the value of monitoring and data-driven decision-making in app performance enhancement.

  • Funny Comparisons: Programmers vs. Normal People (Part 2)

    The article humorously explores the unique characteristics and quirks of programmers compared to normal people. It presents various funny comparisons, such as programmers' obsession with laptops, their preference for coding over socializing, and their straightforward communication style. The article includes amusing picture credits and meme references to enhance the humor. Although lighthearted, it emphasizes that the intention is not to offend any community.