Boost Web Performance and Solve CSS Layout Issues

Summary of my bookmarked links from Mar 22nd, 2023


  • Improving performance with React, WASM & Rust

    Rust and WebAssembly (WASM) are gaining popularity for developing high-performance web applications. Rust is a fast, safe, and concurrent systems programming language, while WebAssembly is a binary format that enables running non-JavaScript code in the browser. This blog post introduces Rust and WebAssembly, demonstrating the usage of the web_sys crate to build a basic grocery list application with the Storage struct. The tutorial also showcases integration with a create-react-app application. The combination of React, Rust, and WebAssembly offers a robust solution for efficient and secure web development.

  • Solving All CSS Layout Issues — any screen, any root font size, without JS

    This article discusses how to create responsive webpages with fluid design, ensuring that they look perfect on any device regardless of screen width or font size. The author emphasizes the drawbacks of using pixel-based layouts and highlights the benefits of using "rem" units instead. They provide a CSS template that utilizes "rem" units and CSS media queries to adapt the layout and font sizes based on different screen widths. The template includes molecular, submolecular, and atomic classes for organizing the CSS styles. Overall, the article offers a solution to CSS layout issues and promotes the use of "rem" units for a more flexible and responsive design.