Blumio, Streetwarp, and Astro

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Sep 19th, 2023


  • Blumio - Meine Lieblingsrapper (Produziert von Don Tone)

    Blumio's "Meine Lieblingsrapper (Produziert von Don Tone)" is a German rap track that pays homage to classic hip-hop styles. Blumio showcases his lyrical skills and references various rap legends while adding his own unique flavor to the genre. The song is a blend of nostalgia and modernity, creating a captivating listening experience for hip-hop enthusiasts.

Github repositories

  • pelmers/streetwarp-cli

    This resource offers a guide to create hyperlapse streetview images using GPX tracks. To get started, you need to install or build ffmpeg with h264 encoding, obtain a Google Maps API key, and activate the Streetview static API. The article provides cost estimates, highlighting that Google offers $200 of free credit monthly, and the API costs $0.007 per frame. It suggests using the --dry-run option to avoid hitting API quotas. The usage is demonstrated with a command example, and GPX files for experimentation are included in the repository. Additionally, the service is available at for free.

  • pelmers/streetwarp-web

    **Streetwarp Web** is the frontend for **streetwarp-cli**, a GPX route hyperlapse tool. It connects to Strava, RideWithGPS, or Google Maps, or accepts GPX file uploads. The tool offers various output options for speed and quality trade-offs and provides animated route playback using Mapbox. Recent updates include making videos public, integrating with GPX Replay for interactive map displays, displaying elevation profiles, and renaming the "quality" button to "smooth." Visit []( for more details and to watch a demo. [GitHub Repository]( Stars: 10 Forks: 1

  • withastro/astro

    Astro is a powerful website build tool designed for the modern web. It offers a robust developer experience while keeping the output lightweight. To install Astro, use the recommended command or opt for manual installation with npm. Explore their Getting Started guide for assistance and access quick examples with starter projects. Detailed documentation is available, and you can seek help on the official Astro Discord. New contributors are welcome, and you can join the community on Discord to start your journey. Astro supports various packages and is sponsored by generous contributors, making it a valuable tool for web development.