BLE Peripheral Communication, MITM Attacks using BtleJuice and Human-Friendly Programming with Eve

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 2nd, 2016

Github repositories

  • noble/noble-device

    noble-device is a Node.js library that provides an abstraction layer for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals using the noble library. It allows you to easily interact with BLE devices by defining a basic device structure and implementing specific functions. You can send and receive data, discover devices, and handle connections. The library also supports device setup and cleanup operations. It provides a Discovery API with various methods to discover devices based on different criteria. Overall, noble-device simplifies BLE peripheral communication in Node.js applications.

  • DigitalSecurity/btlejuice

    BtleJuice Framework is a comprehensive tool for executing Man-in-the-Middle attacks on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. It consists of an interception core, an interception proxy, a web interface, and Python and Node.js bindings. The installation process is straightforward, requiring the setup of dependencies and running npm commands. BtleJuice requires two separate machines with Bluetooth 4.0+ adapters to function properly. It provides a web interface for controlling the interception core, allowing target selection, GATT operation replay, on-the-fly data modification, and data export. Additionally, Node.js bindings are available for further usage. BtleJuice is licensed under the MIT License.

  • witheve/Eve

    Eve is a programming language designed to prioritize human-friendly programming. The repository offers a preview of Eve v0.3 alpha. Integrating Eve into existing projects is possible through the npm package "witheve@preview." Learning resources include a Quick Start Tutorial, Syntax Quick Reference, and Language Handbook. Eve is licensed under Apache 2.0. Note that it is currently in an early stage of development and subject to frequent changes.