Automate User Login with loren:login-links Meteor Package for Seamless App Access and Token-based Authentication

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 21st, 2016

Github repositories

  • lorensr/login-links

    The Meteor package "loren:login-links" allows you to send links to your users that automatically log them into your app. You can generate an access token on the server and send it via email or SMS. When the user clicks the link, the token is extracted from the URL and used to log them in. The package supports token expiration and provides hooks for handling login events. It also mentions related packages for role restrictions and SMS-based authentication. The package is open source with testing instructions and credits to Share911 for sponsoring its development.

  • s-KaiNet/gulp-spsave

    gulp-spsave is an npm package that serves as a Gulp plugin for easily saving files in SharePoint using Node.js. It provides a convenient way to upload files to SharePoint folders, with options for preserving folder structure or flattening the hierarchy. The plugin supports various authentication options and integrates well with Gulp's streaming capabilities. Examples are provided to demonstrate its usage, including automatically bundling, minifying, and uploading files, as well as handling file changes and preserving folder structures. To ensure smooth operation, it's recommended to use error handling tools like gulp-plumber when heavily utilizing watchers.

  • wictorwilen/gulp-spsync

    gulp-spsync is a Gulp plugin that allows you to synchronize local files with a SharePoint library. To use it, you need to register a SharePoint app and obtain the Client Id and Client Secret. Then, configure the tasks.json file and create a gulpfile.js in your project folder. You can use Gulp watchers to upload files as they are changed. If your files require metadata, you can set it using the provided options. Additionally, you can choose to publish the files upon upload and use nested folders by specifying a start folder.

  • sympmarc/SPServices

    SPServices is a jQuery library that simplifies the usage of SharePoint's Web Services. It offers various functions that provide useful capabilities and can be used entirely on the client side without the need for server installation. The library is being migrated from Codeplex to GitHub, with plans for version 2.0 to be AMD-enabled using RequireJS, converted into modules, and able to leverage SharePoint's REST APIs. Contributions are welcome, including testing the pre-alpha builds, writing tests, migrating documentation, and proposing improvements. The development environment requires nodeJS and gulp. Unit tests are written using QUnit, and documentation is generated using Markdown.