Automate AWS Cloud Gaming Setup and Hot Glue Hacks

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Feb 10th, 2023


  • Ist das eine 10/10? Heißkleber als Ersatzknauf - TB Lifehack Check! @bricoconceptshorts #shorts #diy

    In this video, the YouTuber demonstrates a DIY life hack using hot glue as a replacement knob. The presenter shows a wrench with hot glue and explains that they need a knob for their circular saw. They attempt to attach the hot glue knob to both a camera tripod and the circular saw, and it holds securely in both cases. The YouTuber is impressed with the hack, rating it 10 out of 10 for its affordability, simplicity, and versatility. They invite viewers to share any potential drawbacks in the comments.

Github repositories

  • badjware/aws-cloud-gaming

    The "aws-cloud-gaming" repository provides scripts for automating the setup of an AWS EC2 instance with a GPU for cloud gaming. It uses Terraform to create the necessary infrastructure and a user data script to install applications on the instance. Once configured, games can be streamed with low-latency using Parsec. The scripts handle most of the setup operations, except for managing AMIs, which requires manual intervention through the AWS management console. The repository includes features such as random Administrator password generation, restrictive security group settings, spot instance usage for cost savings, and support for custom AMIs.

  • Leenug/cloud-rig

    Cloud Rig Terraform is a Terraform playbook designed to create a cloud gaming rig on AWS using Parsec. The setup process involves installing Terraform, configuring AWS credentials, creating an EBS volume for game storage, and running the Terraform apply command to set up the initial infrastructure. Once the base machine is provisioned, you can connect to it using an RDP client, complete the Parsec-Cloud-Preparation-Tool setup, and log in to Parsec. After installing game launchers and configuring the game drive, you can create an AMI from the base machine for subsequent launches. To start playing, run terraform apply, and when finished, use terraform destroy. Remember to create a new AMI if you make changes to the base machine.