Atuin, WikiHouse & Uncle Roger

Summary of my bookmarked links, videos, and Github repositories from Jan 10th, 2024


  • WikiHouse

    WikiHouse offers precision-manufactured components for efficient construction. With millimeter accuracy, lightweight 39kg wall blocks are not only easy to handle but incredibly strong, supporting the weight of three elephants. The durable spruce plywood ensures a certified lifespan of 60 years, with a carbon-negative impact and a highly insulated design boasting a U value of 0.14 W/m²K. WikiHouse Skylark blocks are interoperable, compatible with various foundations, cladding, and utilities. Assembly is user-friendly, requiring only a small team without traditional construction skills, promoting easy disassembly and recycling for a circu


  • How I Came Up With 'Uncle Roger' Character | Minutes With | @LADbible​

    Nigel Ng, the Malaysian stand-up comedian behind Uncle Roger, shares his journey from a data scientist to a full-time comedian. Ng explains how he created Uncle Roger as a character inspired by sassy, know-it-all Asian uncles. Despite facing accusations of perpetuating stereotypes, Ng sees Uncle Roger as a celebration of Asianness, emphasizing positivity about his own race. With over three million YouTube subscribers in a year, Ng discusses the rapid growth, challenges, and future plans, expressing a desire for more ambitious projects, scripted productions, and a potential sitcom or travel show.

Github repositories

  • atuinsh/atuin

    Atuin transforms your shell history into a SQLite database, enhancing it with context like exit code, duration, and time. This tool allows encrypted synchronization of your history between machines through an Atuin server. With features such as a full-screen search UI, statistics calculation, and cross-terminal history access, Atuin supports shells like zsh, bash, fish, and nushell. You can choose to host your own server for privacy. The installation is straightforward, supporting various package managers and manual setups. Atuin also fosters a community forum and Discord for support. Explore the possibilities of a more powerful shell histo