Are Mushrooms the Eco-Friendly Alternative to Rechargeable Batteries?

Summary of my bookmarked links from Jan 9th, 2023


  • Mushrooms: nature’s answer to the rechargeable battery?

    Scientists are exploring the use of mushrooms as an eco-friendly alternative to graphite in lithium-ion batteries. Graphite, a key component of these batteries, is produced through methods that have significant environmental costs. Portabella mushrooms, with their ribbon-like structure, can be transformed into highly porous carbon nanoribbons that have up to 1.5 times more potential to store and transfer energy than graphite. Additionally, Amanita mushrooms show promise as an alternative for flow cell batteries, with a compound called Amavadin that has the highest affinity for vanadium ever recorded. While further research and refinement are needed, mushrooms may offer greener technology solutions.