Applying Incident Management to Diabetes & Circumvent Certificate Pinning

Summary of my bookmarked links from Mar 6th, 2024


  • How I keep myself Alive using Golang

    Title: Managing Type 1 Diabetes with Incident Management MindsetDiscover how the author, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, applies incident management principles from their role as an Engineering Manager at Cloudflare to monitor and manage blood glucose levels. Using a Miao Miao device and custom-built solutions in Go, they create a real-time Grafana dashboard, integrate context through a Telegram chatbot for annotations, and implement an incident workflow with for automated alerts and escalation, providing a robust system for proactive diabetes management.

  • Cracking Meta’s Messenger Certificate Pinning on macOS

    Meta's Messenger app for macOS employs certificate pinning, hindering MITM analysis. The author explores disabling certificate pinning using binary patching. They utilize Hopper to locate relevant code, identifying a key function ("IsUsingSandbox") and force it to always return true. By replacing a minimal portion of the binary, they successfully disable certificate pinning, allowing interception of requests. The modified binary is signed for distribution, enabling team members to employ it for network debugging.Original Post