Anti-gravity Tensegrity Structures and a Transformation Puzzle

Summary of my bookmarked videos from May 17th, 2023


  • Turn 100 into CAT with only two moves 🤔

    In this video, the challenge is to transform the letters "100" into the word "cat" using only two moves with two pencils. Despite various attempts and suggestions, the solution eludes the presenter. The video ends with the realization that the solution was within reach by simply moving one of the pencils. The challenge proves to be a thought-provoking exercise with a surprising solution.

  • Anti-gravity: tensegrity structures 🤯

    Discover the mind-bending world of tensegrity structures in this captivating video. Tensegrity structures are composed of rigid rods and flexible chains that create a stable whole, achieving a perfect balance between tension and compression forces. This counterintuitive anti-gravity effect showcases the strength and flexibility of these structures. Explore their applications in art and cutting-edge technology, as well as their impact on architecture and engineering. Prepare to be amazed by the innovative design and dynamic stability of tensegrity structures.