Animation Management in React

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 8th, 2017

Github repositories

  • reactjs/react-transition-group

    React Transition Group is a powerful library for managing component states and animations in React. It provides a set of components designed specifically for handling mounting, unmounting, and transitioning of components over time. The latest version (v2 and above) introduces significant changes and is not backward compatible with the previous version. If you require a drop-in replacement for the older version, you can use the v1 release. The documentation and code for v1 can be found on the v1-stable branch. TypeScript definitions for React Transition Group are also available via DefinitelyTyped. To see examples and explore the library further, you can clone the GitHub repository and run the provided commands.

  • kadira-open/kadira-server

    Meteor Development Group has acquired Kadira APM from Arunoda and released the original Kadira code on GitHub under the MIT License. However, due to diverging code in their Galaxy platform, they will not continue running it as an open source project. They are seeking potential maintainers for a community fork. Arunoda still owns the trademark for "Kadira" and requests that any public forks choose a new name. The provided instructions are for running Kadira for testing purposes, not for production deployment.

  • facebook/prop-types

    prop-types is a runtime type checking library for React props and similar objects. It allows you to define the intended types of properties passed to components and performs checks to ensure they match the definitions. During development, it will issue warnings if the props don't match the specified types. You can install prop-types using npm and import it into your project. The library provides various validators for different types of props, including arrays, booleans, functions, numbers, objects, and more. It also supports custom validators and has compatibility with different versions of React.