Angular Material, Fast Render Enhancements, and Meteor Job Tools

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 15th, 2015

Github repositories

  • angular/material

    Material Design for AngularJS Apps is an implementation of Google's Material Design Specification for AngularJS developers. It provides a set of AngularJS-native UI elements that adhere to the material design principles. However, it's important to note that AngularJS Material support has ended as of January 2022, and developers are encouraged to use the actively supported Angular Material for Angular (v2+) projects. The website offers API documentation, demos, guides, and instructions for building and installing AngularJS Material. Developers can use NPM and gulp for building and installing the library, or leverage CDN versions for remote usage.

  • kadirahq/fast-render

    Fast Render is a tool that enhances the initial load time of your app by providing fast page loads. It achieves similar results as Server Side Rendering (SSR) while still adhering to Meteor's core principles. By integrating Fast Render into your Meteor app and making a simple configuration, you can eliminate loading screens and display content immediately. The tool works by running the waitOn function on the server, retrieving relevant subscription data, and sending it along with the initial HTML. Fast Render is compatible with Iron Router and offers APIs for custom subscription handling. It also includes a debugger for testing and debugging purposes.

  • Urigo/awesome-meteor

    Awesome Meteor is a curated list of packages, libraries, and software for the Meteor framework. It provides resources for various aspects of Meteor development, including collections, forms, authentication, REST support, debugging tools, deployment, and more. The list also includes front-end frameworks, alternative databases, boilerplate projects, open-source apps, and internationalization tools. Additionally, it offers resources such as books, courses, tutorials, blogs, websites, Q&A platforms, community newsletters, and social channels. The list showcases real-world applications built with Meteor and provides opportunities for work and collaboration. Contributions to the list are encouraged.

  • Differential/meteor-workers

    Workers is a package designed for easy job handling in Meteor applications. It allows you to push jobs onto a MongoDB-backed queue and have them executed asynchronously by a separate Meteor process. The goal is to write job handlers that seamlessly integrate with your application code and have access to the familiar Meteor API and packages. The package offers a simple interface, minimal configuration, and self-contained deployment. By using Workers, you can efficiently manage and process jobs within your Meteor application. The package supports job scheduling using cron and provides options for customization through the Meteor.settings API.