Analog Computing and Unstoppable Robots

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Jun 13th, 2022


  • Future Computers Will Be Radically Different (Analog Computing)

    Analog computers, once the most powerful computers, are experiencing a resurgence due to the rise of artificial intelligence. Unlike digital computers that operate with zeros and ones, analog computers use voltage to represent physical problems. They are powerful, fast, and energy-efficient, but not general-purpose and prone to inexact results. However, the advantages of analog computers, such as their ability to solve differential equations and perform computations with minimal components, make them attractive for certain applications. With the demand for AI, analog computers are gaining attention once again.

  • This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life

    This video features a soft robot called the vine robot, which has the ability to grow and navigate through various environments. It can pass through tight spaces and overcome obstacles such as spikes. The robot is powered by compressed air and can be equipped with sensors and cameras for applications like search and rescue or archaeology. It can also be used in medical procedures like intubation. The vine robot's design allows it to apply significant force while remaining soft and lightweight. Overall, it has numerous potential applications and demonstrates promising capabilities.