AI Experimentation Platform with Minecraft

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 8th, 2016

Github repositories

  • microsoft/malmo

    Project Malmö is an AI experimentation and research platform built on Minecraft. It offers a unique environment for tackling new challenges. If you prefer working with Python and don't require native code, you can use MalmoEnv, a Python-based environment that communicates directly with Java Minecraft. However, if you want to use the native Malmo implementation, you can install the "Malmo native Python wheel" or a pre-built binary release. The advantages of MalmoEnv include no platform-dependent code, simplified multi-agent coordination, and fewer impedance mismatches with the gym API. On the other hand, the API is more limited compared to the native implementation. You can find installation instructions, sample agents in various programming languages, tutorials, documentation, and troubleshooting information on their website.