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Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jun 26th, 2023


  • Day Progress

    Day Progress is a customizable time management tool that provides visual cues for motivation. Users can set their preferred start and end times, even allowing for days ending past midnight. The progress can be displayed using a pie or bar, along with a percentage, remaining time, or minutes left. The app offers support for macOS, with a solution provided for the common problem of menu bar app visibility on MacBooks with a notch. The developer plans to add widgets and iOS support in the future, while also mentioning that the app's focus is on unique features rather than countdowns or localization. Users can access the changelog and a non-App Store version for manual updates.

Github repositories

  • appwrite/appwrite

    Appwrite Cloud is now in public beta, offering a hassle-free and hosted experience for developers. Appwrite is an end-to-end backend server solution that simplifies the development process and allows for faster creation of secure applications. It provides features such as user authentication, multiple sign-in methods, database management, storage and file management, image manipulation, cloud functions, and more. Appwrite can be easily integrated with various platforms and languages through its SDKs. With a microservices architecture, Appwrite ensures scalability and supports REST, WebSocket, and GraphQL APIs. Join the Appwrite Cloud public beta and accelerate your app development.