5 Game-Changing Websites and an Algebraic Proof

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Oct 6th, 2022


  • 5 GAME CHANGING Websites!

    "5 GAME CHANGING Websites!" presents a list of unique online platforms. Supercook.com allows users to input available ingredients and generates numerous recipes. Radio Garden functions as a global map, displaying live broadcasting stations across the planet. "Before I Play" acts as a spoiler-free wiki, providing helpful tips for various video games. Geoguessr drops players into random locations on Google Maps, challenging them to guess their whereabouts for points. Finally, Pointer Pointer utilizes publicly available images with people pointing, aligning their gestures with the user's cursor.

  • 0.9 Repeating Equal to 1 Algebraic Proof | Fun Math JusticeTheTutor #shorts #maths #math

    The video presents an algebraic proof that shows how the decimal "0.9 repeating" is equal to the whole number "1." By assigning a variable, x, to "0.9 repeating," the proof demonstrates that multiplying both sides by 10 yields 10x = 9.999 repeating. Breaking it down further, 10x = 9 + 0.999 repeating. Replacing x with "0.9 repeating," the equation becomes 10x = 9 + x. By subtracting x from both sides, we get 9x = 9. Dividing both sides by 9, the conclusion is x = 1. Therefore, the video proves that 0.9 repeating is indeed equal to 1.

  • Finanzielle Freiheit bedeutet auch Sonntags zu arbeiten

    The video discusses the concept of financial freedom and the idea of working on Sundays. The speaker mentions their involvement in cryptocurrency and stocks, allowing their money to work for them. They advise researching and analyzing investment opportunities, considering past trends and future projections. The speaker emphasizes their own passive income and questions why some people still choose to work. They believe that financial freedom means not having weekends and suggest leveraging investments. They express their disdain for those who continue to work and assert that it leads to an unsatisfactory life.